Top 4 Coaching Tips for a Winning Schedule

January 09, 2012


How to Slam Dunk Your Shift Management

College basketball is heating up. As rivalries flare, fans scour schedules and teams play their way up (or down) the rankings, everyone’s wondering … what does it take to win?

Read our top four coaching tips (including quotable tidbits from some of the most successful basketball coaches of all time) to see how automated scheduling can give your team a winning lineup.

Clear Organization

"Coaching is preparation." — Pete Carril

Coaching a team means never leaving your playbook behind. In the service industry, your greatest plays and all your trick moves are in your past schedules. If you can’t easily locate the plays that got you through last year’s busy season, you might drop the ball this time.

Not sure who’s racking up minutes or costing you fouls? Online scheduling systems, like PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™, allow you to copy your most efficient schedules from the past and put them in your current playbook. These solutions also let you create, edit and manage schedules quickly and easily. And mobile scheduling delivers real-time updates, so team members can access every play-by-play — even when they’re on the go.

Comprehensive Plays

"They said you have to use your five best players, but I found you win with the five who fit together the best." — Red Auerbach

Put together an unstoppable team. With an integrated scheduling program, you can control and optimize schedules based on detailed analytics reports, like hour and labor-cost reports. Comprehensive scheduling solutions also allow you to place constraints, so overworked or undertrained players won’t get playing time.

Additionally, online systems can balance shifts based on employees’ skill levels, hours worked and generated sales. Remember, it’s not always about playing your best forward or biggest scorer; complement an all-star wait staff with a hustling line cook for a team that works together to secure a win for every shift.

Consistent Communication

"Players who are late say that their time is more important than the team." — Don Meyer

Sometimes victory hangs on the last-minute buzzer shot. But, as the person in charge, don’t you want a more solid win? Communication on the court is critical; your team needs to know who’s open, who wants the ball and who can’t make the game. And this consistent, continual communication is just as important in your hourly workforce as it is on the court.

Mobile scheduling provides anytime, anywhere communication, so your people play as a team. An online scheduling system with mobile app features ensures your workforce is always on the same page and has the most up-to-date information. Mobile scheduling also gives your team members an easy way to manage and coordinate changes on their own, so managers don’t waste time and there’s always someone there to catch the ball.

Play Offense

If you're going to have to beg them to play, it's not going to work." — Chuck Daly

The best defense is a good offense … especially in the ‘Madness’ of hourly workforces. Optimize your team’s potential and reduce your turnover rate with online scheduling solutions, so your business isn’t scrambling to catch up with the competition.

How? Know what motivates your team now and what will attract the top talent of tomorrow. The best new recruits are looking to join teams that offer mobile perks; 80 percent of 18-29 year-olds have texted in the past 24 hours, and analysts predict 81.3 million tablets will be sold worldwide in 2012. The best way to stay on your toes is to ‘mobilize’ your team’s scheduling.

The Ball’s In Your Court

Ball up that paper schedule, lean back in your swivel chair, and sink the recycling-bin shot — online scheduling is your business’s new MVP and a slam dunk for your bottom line.

Happy Coaching,
The PeopleMatter Institute