Our New Year’s Resolutions to You

January 03, 2012

Our New Year’s Resolutions to You

Forget those same old resolutions to lose weight or quit biting your nails; this year, resolve to join our revolution. We’re putting paper processes through the shredder and helping you kick those pesky manual-HR habits once and for all. And with all the time you’ll save using the PeopleMatter Platform, you can finally squeeze in that manicure … and in your “skinny jeans.”

The only resolution you need this year is PeopleMatter. Here’s what we’re promising YOU: In 2012, PeopleMatter resolves to …

Make your scheduling MOBILE.

PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™ is coming … and it will shift the way you work. View your schedule via smartphone? Trade shifts with the tap of a touchscreen? Receive updates and alerts in real-time? There’s an app for that. And it’s easier, faster and better than anything you’ve ever seen.

REVOLUTIONIZE workforce engagement.

We will bring gamification into service-industry HR. We will motivate your team to compete against each other and themselves to serve better, try harder and accomplish more. We will have your team learning skills, leadership and teamwork that let them ‘level up’ in no time. We will make work just a little more fun.

ENJOY OUR WORK more than any other tech or HR company.

We will create the sleekest HR software out there, with big buttons and avatars, easy checklists and common sense layouts. We will create not only the coolest, most entertaining marketing assets out there, but also the most informative for your industry. We will take your calls with real smiles, and when we help your business, we will feel just a little better about our day.


We will continue to work for you, your team and your business to the best of our abilities. We will take your concerns and needs to heart. We will listen harder, respond as fast as humanly possible (it’s almost superhuman) and take incredible care of even more clients.

RING more cowbells, SHOOT more cannons and MAKE MORE NOISE.

We will be noisemakers. We will put our drive, our energy, our superpowers and our culture into our people and our products. We will create, innovate and inspire to stay ahead of the competition … so you can too.

From Awesome to Super

So in 2012, we will be better than we ever have been. We will sign more clients; provide the same great service to even more businesses; add new modules and we will evolve(no mutant X gene necessary). We will change the way HR is done in the service industry.

Want to harness your own talents to help make a difference? Grab a cape and join the team . We are adding new powers — SCHEDULE and ENGAGE— to our arsenal and bringing the fight to paper processes everywhere. We’ve even let Spiderman join the team.

Happy Resolution-ing,
The PeopleMatter Institute