“May The (Mobile-Social) Force Be With You”

July 08, 2011

Online Training ROI

How Service-Industry Businesses Can Harness the Web to Attract and Retain ‘Star’ Talent

The “Mobile-Social Force”

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… point solutions, paper manuals and classroom-based programs were the best way to train service-industry employees. Then and now, achieving “customer-service Jedi” status requires extensive training, continuous practice and skill development, and the right tools.

The greatest Jedi tool is “The Force.” Omnipresent and –potent, “The Force” connects all Jedis and gives them the knowledge and skill to fight the Evil Empire (paper, classroom and point solutions…read: outdated).

For employers, the Internet provides the powerful “Mobile-Social Force” needed to defeat traditional training methods that create an Evil Empire of inefficiency and disengagement in the service-industry. Employees can draw from this ‘force’ anytime, anywhere, and Web-based learning programs also provide a social platform that links your entire workforce together.

The (Tech-Savvy) Republic

To attract and retain ‘Star’ talent, service-industry employers need to give their people the most helpful, engaging and practical tools for their lifestyle. The world is more mobile and connected than ever before:

  • 74% of Americans, and 93% of 12-29 year olds, access the Internet at least occasionally.
  • 62% log online away from home, mostly likely via a smartphone or tablet—which 83% of Americans own.
  • 80% of Gen Yers have texted in the past 24 hours and 83% sleep with their cell phone.
  • The total number of texts sent and received each day outnumbers the world’s total population.
  • One out of every six minutes online is spent in social media, making it the most popular activity online.
  • Facebook tops Google in weekly Web traffic and reaches 73% of the total U.S. population every month.
  • The amount of unique information generated this year will exceed the previous 5,000 years, and the amount of technical information doubles every two years.

A ‘Force’ For Good (Customer Service)

To keep up with this exponential growth and social collaboration, businesses must adopt technologies that can deliver more, continually updated information faster and on-the-go. An online learning program provides the “Mobile-Social Force” needed to engage a tech-savvy workforce and ultimately improve your customer service.


  • Employers can quickly and easily upload and update custom content;
  • Employees can access training anytime, anywhere, on their own schedules; providers automatically upgrade systems with the most up-to-date requirements and documents to ensure compliance; and
  • Everyone can share tips, best practices, opinions and more via existing and new social communication platforms.


The “Mobile-Social Force” behind Web-based solutions takes training from “Youngling” status to “Jedi Grand Master,” to help service-industry employers attract and retain great talent, maximize training investments, and develop skilled, passionate people for the next generation of management.

“May the (Mobile-Social) Force be with you,”
The PeopleMatter Institute

P.S. Download the Mobile-Social Force cheat sheet our PMI Yoda created for a brief background on training your service Jedis online. Maximize the power of the “Force” with Web-based learning programs and lightsaber inefficient paper-based and point solutions.